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Here’s How To Make Money With Your Dump Truck

There are some serious benefits to owning your own dump truck business. Whether you want a fleet, or just want to do your own thing, you got to make money. Being an entrepreneur means you have to go out and find work.

How to get jobs

Get a job! Finding work can be difficult for newbies, which is why many owner/operators with experience make the switch easier than it is for the beginners. Don’t stress, here are 5 tricks to get going on work. Continue reading Here’s How To Make Money With Your Dump Truck

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Aluminum vs Steel Dump Truck Beds

When buying a bed for your dump truck, you should consider several factors. Although aluminum is weaker, it offers a significant weight reduction while being versatile in hauling capacity when paired with an appropriate liner.

 Which is better?

You may want to know which is better, steel or aluminum. If you’ve looked online for this solution, you’ll see plenty of opinions, and boy are they adamant. But hey, dump truckers are passionate and they love what they love. So let’s look at which is better, steel or aluminum dump truck beds. Continue reading Aluminum vs Steel Dump Truck Beds

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Air vs Spring Suspension

The battle between air suspension vs spring

“Air springs reduce a great amount of vibration, elongating lifetime on the overall vehicle and the road system. The drawbacks to air springs leave room for sping systems, like the camelback, to take place as the overall superior choice, in terms of general scope.”

Air springs reduce the vibration going out. This less vibration going out means less damage to bridges, buildings, and roads. To make a serious impact, every vehicle would need to be air suspended.

The vibration from the road is less vibration on your vehicle. This means a healthier frame, bolts, motor mounts, and pretty much every part of the vehicle subject to bounce on the road. It’s not always the big potholes that do the damage, it’s the 1,000 roads that do the trick. Ever been to Oklahoma city? LA has some nasty roads too. Continue reading Air vs Spring Suspension