Why a Super Dump Truck?

What Are The Benefits of Running a Super Solo Dump Truck?

In 1989 Strong Industries developed the Super Dump as a means to haul more payload in a single dump truck application without a trailer.  The design was a long wheelbase chassis with 2 or 3 pusher axles to help carry the load and a hydraulic axle that trailed behind.  The trailing axle was designed to be down when running to extend the overall bridge length of the truck and add an axle as well in order to obtain a gross weight of 80,000 lbs in the 3 pusher single truck variation.  This format kept the truck light and easy to maneuver with the Strong Arm in the up position and it was out of the way for asphalt paving applications while backed into the paver box.

Most 7 axle super solo dump trucks can carry 25 tons of payload legally making it the most efficient way to get product to its final resting place.

Super Dump Truck

Since Strong Industries developed the first super dump there have been many modifications to the original design by other dump truck body manufacturers.  OSW Equipment and Repair partnered with Silent Drive to develop a super dump configuration using the Maxle by silent drive which used a different suspension system that the Strong Industries unit.  Strong used a nitogen filled hydraulic raise and lowering cylinder to soften the ride and preven accidents from driving over uneven ground with the axle down.  The Maxle uses an accumulator to absorb any excess hydraulic pressure from the roadway caused by undulations in the roadway.  While both have their benefits it seems that the favorable design is the accumulator version.  In 2020 Pioneer Truckweld introduced their own trailing booster style dump truck and has a system using sensors and a computer to continually adjust the pressure of the axle on the road creating a super safe application.

super dump truck

Every region of the United States has its own variation of the super dump based on what bridge laws have been adopted.  In WA state the 7 axle single truck is good for a gross vehicle weight rating of 80,000 which is the case for most of the United States.  In CA where it is only legal to have one liftable axle on the ground, the design needs to be a little different using a small box and a longer trailing tag axle.  In some states 80,000 can be acheived on axle and tire rating alone which makes the 6 axle super dump ideal.

super dump truck

An example of the OSW Equipment and Repair super dump

With all the advantages of running a super dump there are also disadvantages.  With more moving parts, the maintenance of the trailing tag unit has become quite the issue with broken parts, computer issues, pressure issues etc.  There have been many companies that have had so many problems with the early Super Dumps that they literally remove the trailing tag and run the truck as a 6 axle solo dump truck.

When the truck is fully laden and the axle is down and pressurized, it creates a lot of downward pressure on the steer axle of the truck itself which can cause failures such as king pins, springs, steering joints, as well as wheel and tires.  When running a super solo it is imperative that the tires are in excellent condition because one blowout will drive the truck right off the road or into oncoming traffic depending on which sides blows out.  Drivers are required to make sure their tires are in top working condtion.

super dump truck tires


Because of bridge laws in CA the super tag vaiation of the super solo came about which placed a liftable tag axle behind the drive axles.  What this does is increase the wheelbase of the truck to maximize gross weight per DOT bridge law application while keeping the truck short enough to maneuver when the axle is up.  This application has become very popular with California paving companies because of the optimized payload it provides.

Super Tag dump truck

Whether you are a dirt hauler, or providing raw materials to the concrete plants, Onlyinc.com has become the expert in all types of trucks and trailers but has truly become an expert in dump truck applications whether that be a conventional dump truck, a super dump, super tag, or a tractor with side, end, or belly dump application.




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